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The Perils of Do-it-yourself Furnace Repairs

Do-it-yourself furnace repairs are not for everybody. Each year, countless homeowners die or get hurt from various home heating mishaps mainly caused by hot water heaters and furnaces. Our society nowadays encourages people to take charge of their lives and do most tasks on their own. This mindset urges homeowners to take on do-it-yourself furnace repairs because other people are also doing it. However, not everyone can fix a problem successfully. Others end up in the hospital or even lose their lives. If in doubt of your own capacity to carry out do-it-yourself furnace repairs, contact a professional to do the job for you. Carbon Monoxide One of the most deadly outcomes of a malfunctioning furnace is the likelihood of a carbon monoxide poisoning. Since the year 2000, the U.S has recorded over 100 deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning because of hot water and furnace accidents. An avid DIYer who is not knowledgeable or skillful enough to do DIY furnace repairs puts their home at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are a couple of issues related to a furnace. The first is carbon monoxide poisoning that can trigger flulike symptoms and nausea. In case a leak occurs at night while those living in the house are asleep, carbon monoxide poisoning can kill an entire household. The second issue is the danger of having an explosion or fire. Sparks coming from a cigarette lighter or a faulty wiring can trigger a deadly explosion due to the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. Dirty Burnersrong> At times, you can see a yellow flame rather than a blue or a white one. It only indicates that your burner is dirty. In case a DIYer attempts to fix the problem, it can put them at risk of fire. For yellow flames, call an expert right away to assess the situation. Only a certified furnace technician can handle risky situations like this one. Gas Line Leaks Homeowners often try to solve ventilation and flame issues by themselves. Hence, they attempt to relight the furnace’s pilot’s light on their own. However, there’s an accompanying risk of an explosion. The severity of the problem varies. The person who is attempting to relight the pilot light can face a fireball if the gas that exploded stayed in the compartment leaving them with burned eyebrows and hair. But they can also end up with burned eyes and skin. When a fire reaches gas leaks, that’s when the entire home can perish in an instant. By hiring a professional to fix your furnace problems, there’s no reason to worry about all these things. You can still try to fix other home heating issues but leave the major ones to the professionals. Next time you attempt a do-it-yourself furnace repair, think twice first and consider whether you are up for the job or whether you need to contact a heating expert right away.

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